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   This series reflects the use of acrylic, foil, and gel mediums to create paintings representational of environmental issues such as rain forests and  soil erosion. Others are abstracts to capture the imagination. The environmental movie takes the viewer on a journey across deserts, glaciers and other places.

Endangered Desert I  $1200
Endangered Desert I $1200
Mixed Media 40"x30"
Endangered Desert II  $1200
Endangered Desert II $1200
Mixed Media 40" x 30"
Super Soil SOLD
Super Soil SOLD
Mixed Media 24" x 20"
El Dorado  $1900 framed
El Dorado $1900 framed
Mixed Media 24" x 24"
Melting Glaciers II  $3900
Melting Glaciers II $3900
Mixed Media 48" x 36 "
Misty Morning  $600
Misty Morning $600
Acrylic 20" x 16"
Fresh Air  $800
Fresh Air $800
Acrylic 24"x 20"
Merlot Crush 40" x 30" $2800
Merlot Crush 40" x 30" $2800
Mixed Media with 24K gold
Imperial II 60"x 40" SOLD
Imperial II 60"x 40" SOLD
Mixed Media, 24K gold
Autumn Glow 36" x 48"
Autumn Glow 36" x 48"
Acrylic on Canvas $3900
A Royal Affair 60" 48"
A Royal Affair 60" 48"
Mixed Media, 24K Gold $4000
Golden Flame  $2500 framed
Golden Flame $2500 framed
Mixed Media, 23K gold 24"x48"
Rain Forests are Golden $1500
Rain Forests are Golden $1500
Mixed Media 30"x24
Waters Edge   $1200
Waters Edge $1200
Mixed Media 24"x36"
Cabernet Crush  $3800
Cabernet Crush $3800
Mixed Media, 23k Gold 48"x36"
Golden Forest Glenn $700
Golden Forest Glenn $700
Mixed media 20" x 16"
 " Respect the Planet
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Respect the Planet HD
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